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Google First Link SEO Test

Do you use a good anchor keyword on the first link ?

           - is used to highlight key terms on this page

In your website menu, do you use home as anchor keyword on your link to your homepage? Is this a problem for Google? This website has run a test that solves Google first link myth, pointing to inside pages.

The theory that Google is taking in account only the first link for external websites has been proven, but what about inside pages ?

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Google First Link Test

I created first link page where I created two new words (random letters) that had 0 results in Google: cfegrulmares and blurgudesties. Both keywords were used as anchor texts for two links to same page test.php, but cfegrulmares was used as the first link.

The test.php page does not include the two mentioned keywords anywhere.

This website had two incoming links to the homepage from two of my websites, enough to get indexed by Google. I put the links on 16 March 2010. The inside pages were indexed by Google just by crawling from link to link: homepage » linkpage.php » test.php

SEO First Link
firstlink.php content

Google First Link Result

On 24 March 2010, Google indexed all the pages. I checked with site:seofirstlink.info and as you can see in the screenshot bellow all 3 pages are indexed (by the time you may check you can see more pages indexed because of other Google SEO tests running on this websites).


When checking the 1st keyword with 1st site:seofirstlink.info -site:seofirstlink.info/firstlink.php, removing the firstlink.php page from results because it has the keyword in content, we can see that it shows test.php in Google results (even if the keyword is not in content, it hast the anchor keyword in firstlink.php page.

1st keyword
1st site:seofirstlink.info -site:seofirstlink.info/firstlink.php

For the 2nd keyword, Google returns 0 results, meaning it ignores the anchor keyword in the second link.

2nd keyword
2nd site:seofirstlink.info -site:seofirstlink.info/firstlink.php

It is 100% sure that Google only takes in account the anchor keyword of the first link ONLY. Second link anchor keyword is ignored.

Google First Link NOFOLLOW Test

What if you put nofollow on the first link? I will be running a test and post here the result.

The next test will be about using nofollow on first link to see if Google will take in account the second link.

I have tested exactly the same as the test above, and this time the results are .... (see bellow) .

Google First Link NOFOLLOW Result

The targeted page didn't show up in results for any of the keyword used in both links.

Conclusion: Using nofollow rel attribute on the first link, will make Google ignore all your anchor keywords pointing to that page.

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